For a long time we have been looking for a place to live in unison with nature together with our animals. 2014 we finally found this gorgeous peace of land that seemed to be waiting for us.

Amongst the Drumlin hills along the western shore of the lake of Zurich close to the "Schönenberg" golf course lies our farm. Coming from Schönenberg the valley opens up with its lush meadows and the nature conservation area along a little creek. The glacier landscape and the natural marsh area give us ideal circumstances for animal keeping in harmony with nature.

We were able to use natural material for the renovation of the original farm buildings in between the old tree population. Thus big stables and open spaced barns were established in which our fosterlings can feel good and live together in groups. For our guests and ourselves we were able to convert and renovate the existing double farm building. Christmas 2017 the complete family including our dogs and cats moved in. In the future ​we are planning to use the space next door for a seasonal tavern and a little farmers shop.

For a couple of years we have been accepting animals no one else wanted to have. For example the jumper that was not suitable for jumping or the brood mare not giving birth to foals or the cute piglet that was not cute enough for the petting zoo, they all fount their forever home with us. We are very glad to be able to offer a species appropriate and natural environment to our animal family here on the enerQi farm. And who knows, maybe the family is still to grow.

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