Many of our animals have a long history behind them. Here, Kendra greets Megan in the herd. Help us to offer a species-appropriate, natural and happy life. Every contribution counts and benefits the animals directly.


At the enerQi farm we keep our animals as natural as possible. The animals are kept in groups and can move either on the pasture or in free-range stables according to their preference. The cultivation of our food and feed without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides as well as a naturopathic homeopathic care of our animals and plants gives us pure and natural food. It gives us a good feeling not to harm the groundwater. A fertile soil that improves every year ensures the growth of species-rich grasses with a high quality. This enables our animals to live healthily without civilisation diseases. It also applies to our animals: One is what one eats.

Thus an oasis arose on the enerQi farm, in which humans, animals and plants can find their balance. Many of our animals we have chosen to live with them our close to nature life. However, many of them simply came to us as time passed. They were no longer needed and had no home. It gives us great pleasure to see how these seemingly useless animals find new life force and enrich our life. We are happy to deepen the bonds to our animals through non-violent work on the ground or on horseback. Animals that have never come into contact with so-called liberty dressage, find a great way to loosen blockades and gain fun in contact with humans. Over time, this leads to wonderful partnerships full of trust from animals to humans and vice versa.


We are always looking for sponsorships. Only this support enables us to accomodate homeless animals.

Would you like to help?

Here you can see which animals need your help. You can support us with a regular monthly contribution and thus provide valuable help to supply your godanimal. You can choose the amount freely, there is a minimum amount of 25, - CHF per month for organisational reasons. Please transfer the amount to the following account: IBAN CH87 0681 4360 2082 8470 3, enerQi Landgut, Astrid Blümlein, Au, 8824 Schönenberg. There is no cancellation period. You can end the sponsorship by e-mail every month, although we would be happy to receive many years of support. Also a one-time donation for an object, which is missing for a certain animal or in the general management, is very welcome. See here what  would please our animals.

Do you feel attracted to a particular animal? Ask us if sponsorship is possible for this animal. As a thank you for your support you will receive a sponsorship certificate with a picture of your animal. Of course, you can also visit your animal here. We regularly hold visiting days or sponsorship meetings on the enerQi farm where you can spoil your protégé to your heart's delight. We inform all sponsors regularly about appointments. Get to know other sponsors at the sponsor meeting and enjoy the exchange with like-minded people. We are looking forward to meeting you.


Parking is available in Schönenberg at the "Mehrzweckhalle". From there you can reach us on foot. Direct access is not possible, the path leads through the nature reserve.

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