Chanel and Charlie

One of our customers rescued these two cats from poor circumstances. They received minimal food, were so weak and scrawny that they could hardly walk. Meanwhile they have settled in fully and they are well - as you can see :-)


The transformation that Sally made in half a year is amazing. She has made incredible progress since joining us on the enerQi estate. Learn from E. who found her and brought her to us, what the mare has already experienced.


The kind gelding is a family horse and sensitively protects the mares of his group from all dangers. He is on the farm because his arthrosis prevents him from being ridden.


Classified as "non-ridable", she spent her life in stable boxes and was passed from owner to owner. On the enerQi farm she has now settled in well and can even be ridden - as long as it is not too far away from the farm.


Due to back problems, the riding school could no longer use him as a learning horse, so he became useless. On the enerQi farm we treated his back, now he lives painlessly and peacefully. Our children even learned how to ride his back.

Soon, a picture of Calino follows


He didn't like the girth of his saddle, so the riding school where he was at home couldn't keep him as a learning horse.

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