EnerQi - Holidays for animals

The pet hotel enerQi holidays for animals arose out of a long lasting wish to be able to give dogs, cats and rodents a familiar environment in which they can feel at home as an animal in a unfamiliar place.


In our guest house, which is built with mainly natural materials, biologically valuable natural food is as normal for us as the consideration of the individuality of each guest. Large, cosy, creative and lovingly furnished rooms both in- and outside create a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. In addition to achieving a high standard of hygiene, dedicated animal caretakers can also carry out their important actual task, which makes the stay in our pet hotel so enjoyable: the caring cooperation, the varied games, the soothing care and the sensitive contact. The small number of animals taken in and the balanced activity and rest periods enable us to keep your animal in balance. If you wish, your pet will find gentle support in homeopathy.


After a personal conversation on site, we are pleased to welcome our guests the way they are. Please refer to our "General Information" to know what to consider before a stay in our pet hotel.

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