We kindly ask you to not vaccinate your dog 14 days before the start of his stay in our boarding house.

When should vaccinations not be given?
According to the recommendations of the Standing Vaccination Commission (STIKO) of the Robert Koch Institute in Germany, a vaccination should not be executed if:

  • the vaccinated person is ill: In this case, vaccination should be carried out at the earliest two weeks after recovery.

  • there is a known allergy to vaccine additives (e.g. antibiotics, egg white): In this case, alternative types of vaccines must be used or the vaccination must be waived.

  • a congenital or acquired immunodeficiency exists: Whether a vaccination is possible must be clarified by a medical doctor specialised in immunology. In such cases, live vaccinations are excluded.

  • a pregnancy exists: In principle, vaccinations should not be carried out during pregnancy. This applies especially to vaccinations with live vaccines.

  • an operation is planned: inactivated vaccines should be administered at least one week, live vaccines at least two weeks before a planned operation. Even after an operation, the vaccination interval should be at least two weeks.

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