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For a considerable time, we searched for a place where we could coexist harmoniously with our animals amidst nature. In 2014, we finally stumbled upon this remarkable piece of land that seemed destined for us.

EnerQi Landgut is nestled in the heart of the Drumlin hills, situated on the western shores of Lake Zürich, not far from the Schönenberg golf course. As you approach from Schönenberg, the valley unfolds gently, adorned with lush meadows surrounding the nature reserve along the Chrebsbach. The untouched glacier terrain and the natural wetlands provide us with ideal conditions for authentic and natural animal husbandry.

We managed to preserve the farm structures amidst the ancient trees and painstakingly renovated them using natural materials. This transformation resulted in spacious enclosures and free-range stables where our cherished animals thrive in harmony within group settings. We also converted and fully refurbished the original twin farmhouse for our guests and ourselves. In December 2017, we happily moved in with our entire family, along with our pets.  Recently another dream for us has come to life as we have opened a small shop on the farm. Passing visitors or hikers can take a break for home made refreshments and snacks while also having the opportunity to personally browse and purchase our organic products.

For several years now, we've been offering sanctuary to animals that have faced rejection elsewhere. Whether it's a show-jumping horse that's no longer suitable for jumping, a broodmare without a foal, or a charming piglet that has outgrown its role in a petting zoo, they've all found their rightful place within our animal haven. We take immense pride in creating a nurturing environment at the enerQi estate, where our animal family can thrive according to their natural instincts, ensuring their well-being and enabling them to live out their lives in tranquil harmony. And who knows, our family here has continued to expand, and it may just keep growing right here.

Become a sponsor

A number of our animals have a rich history. Join us in extending species-appropriate, natural, and joyful lives to them. Every contribution makes a meaningful impact and directly benefits our animals. Consider sponsoring them to assist our sanctuary's mission.

Summary of our philosophy

We maintain our animals in the most pristine manner possible here on the enerQi estate. The animals are grouped together and have the freedom to move either in the pasture or within free-range stalls, as per their well-being. Our food and feed cultivation strictly avoids the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. Additionally, we provide naturopathic and homeopathic care for our animals and plants, resulting in pure and natural food production. This approach not only ensures the purity of our food but also gives us the satisfaction of not contaminating groundwater.

Our fertile soil, which improves with each passing year, promotes the growth of high-quality, diverse grasses. This, in turn, allows our animals to lead healthy lives free from civilization-related diseases. We firmly believe that, for our animals as well, the saying holds true: "You are what you eat."

This philosophy has given rise to an oasis on the enerQi estate, where people, animals, and plants can all find their natural balance. We have intentionally selected many of our animals to share in our natural way of life. However, over time, numerous animals have also joined us organically. They were no longer needed and had no place to call home. Witnessing these seemingly overlooked animals regain their zest for life and enrich our shared existence brings us immense joy.

We take pleasure in strengthening our bond with these animals through non-violent ground or horsework. For those animals unfamiliar with the concept of "freedom training," our sanctuary offers a wonderful opportunity to release inhibitions and rediscover the joys of human interaction. Over time, this process leads to beautiful partnerships brimming with trust, whether from the animal to the human or vice versa.


We are constantly seeking support from sponsors. It is through this support that we are able to provide refuge to homeless animals. Would you like to contribute and make a difference today?


Here, you can find the animals in need of your support. You have the option to assist us through a regular monthly contribution, providing essential assistance for the well-being of your sponsored animal. The donation amount is flexible, but for administrative purposes, there is a minimum of CHF 25.00 per month.

Please transfer the chosen amount to the following account: IBAN CH87 0681 4360 2082 8470 3, enerQi Landgut, Astrid Blümlein, Betrieb Au, 8824 Schönenberg. There is no notice period required. You can terminate the sponsorship via email each month, though we would greatly appreciate your ongoing support. Additionally, we warmly welcome one-time donations to support specific items needed for particular animals or general management.


Discover here what could bring joy to our animals.

Sponsorship request

Are you drawn to a specific animal? Inquire with us about the possibility of sponsoring that particular animal. As a token of our appreciation for your support, you will receive a sponsorship certificate featuring a picture of your sponsored animal. Naturally, you are welcome to visit your sponsored animal in our company.


We regularly organize visiting days and sponsorship gatherings here at the enerQi estate, where you can lavish your protégé with attention to your heart's content. We keep all sponsors informed about the scheduled dates. You'll have the opportunity to meet fellow sponsors during these gatherings and relish the chance to connect with like-minded individuals. We eagerly anticipate your involvement.

Getting to the estate

Parking spaces are located in Schönenberg at the multi-purpose hall. From there you can reach us by foot. Direct access is not possible, the path leads through an official nature reserve.


You are welcome to contact us via phone or email before your visit, and a member of our team will be delighted to assist you and provide you with thorough instructions.

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